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  • European Design

    European made, stylish design & space saving wall mounted radiators.

  • Comfortable & Safe

    Thats why thousands of families choose HEATMASTER.

  • Cost Effective

    This is important in light of the rising cost of electricity.

  • Under Floor Heating

    Floor warming for your home made simple.

  • Central Heating

    The perfect way to heat a home no matter how big or small it is.

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A comfortable home is a happy home. Since its establishment in 2010, HEATMASTER revolutionized the Egyptian heating industry, introducing to the market a range of European technology and products that offer the best combination of design and performance.


A focus on quality and client satisfaction

Heatmaster offers innovative heating solutions that provide the utmost comfort and safety while saving you the most on your energy bill. Our services include providing high quality European products and components, supply & installation type contracts, high standards of workmanship and above all that, a well-trained after sales team.


Working with the best European brands

We have teamed up with the world’s best leading European brands in the business of heating, to provide the best possible service. Today, HEATMASTER is the sole distributor in Egypt for the following brands in the field of heating solutions: De Dietrich, Junkers (Bosch Group), Henco, Faral, Styleboiler, Maltezos and Vogel & Noot.



Our Partners

Since opening in 2010, Heatmaster has set itself a goal of not only providing its clientele with comprehensive solutions to all their heating needs but being the best at it as well.