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About Us



In 2010, Heatmaster revolutionized the heating industry in Egypt by introducing a range of European heating solutions that combine state-of-the-art technology, beauty of design and unparalleled performance. Catering to both residential and commercial establishments, Heatmaster is highly regarded as one of the leading providers of smart heating solutions in Egypt. 

Our highly experienced engineers and technicians provide clients with hassle-free service, offering an initial free of charge consultation, developing alternative proposals based on needs and budget and finalizing projects without involving clients in detailed technical information.

With a primary emphasis on utilizing the most cost efficient energy sources, mainly solar energy and gas, Heatmaster provides the latest innovations in central heating, central hot water, solar water heating and swimming pool heating.

We guarantee warmth and comfort all year long without any concern for expensive electricity bills.


Heatmaster - A Partner You Can Trust

We are not only a one-stop-shop for all heating and hot water solutions, but as a family-owned business, our approach to growth is built on creating and maintaining trust-based relationships with our clients.


Our clients can also rest assure that our services extend long after system installation and testing. Our extensive warranty and after-sales service ensure that in the unlikely event of any problems occurring, our dedicated team will promptly address and solve it.


HeatMaster Smart Heating Solutions

Heatmaster offers innovative heating solutions that provide the utmost comfort and safety while saving you the most on your energy bill.

What services do we offer?
1- Central Heating

2- Central Domestic Hot Water
3- Swimming Pool Heating
4- Solar Water Heating


Our International Brands:

 1- Junkers (Made in Germany)
• Wall Hung Gas Boilers
• Gas Water Heaters
• Solar Water Heaters

With over 30 years of experience, Junkers is Europe’s leading provider of hot water solutions covering a full range of thermal solar systems for domestic and industrial use promising superior product performance.
Junkers offers excellent quality as well as value for money with its range of gas water heaters, wall hung gas boilers and solar water heating.


2- De Dietrich (Made in France)
• Floor Standing Gas Boilers
• Hot Water Tanks

Established in 1778, De Dietrich is a world leader in providing a solution to every customer’s heating need. Whatever the complexity, De Dietrich will surely have the answer.


3- Faral (Made in Italy)
• Radiators (aluminum)
The company that first patented aluminum die cast radiators 40 years ago, Faral is a renowned brand worldwide for superior quality products, commitment to innovation and attention to the environment. Thermal outputs comply with the European standard UNI EN 442-2.


 4- Vogel&Noot (Made in Austria)
• Radiators (steel panel)

V&N, Europe's leading technology partner, sets the standard for steel panel radiators. V&N's principles are maximum energy efficiency, trendy heating design and integral range and service.
Thanks to the revolutionary T6 central-connection technology, V&N gives you the freedom in planning and decision making in design right up to the last minute.


 5- Maltezos (Made in Greece)
• Solar Water Heaters
• Storage Tanks

MALTEZOS SA holds a leadership position in the production and trade of solar water heaters in Greece.  The company evolved into a leader in the renewable energy sector due to its consistent and high quality product range along with its customer-focused approach regarding after sales technical support and service.


 6- Styleboiler (Made in Italy)
•  Hot Water Tanks (Single/Double Coil)
•  Hot Water Tank with integrated Gas Boiler

Styleboiler offers an extensive range of hot water tanks and integrated gas water heater/tank. These are offered in classical glass lined steel as well as stainless steel bodies.
Styleboiler products are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality.


 7- Henco (Made in Belgium)
• PExc Multi-Layered Pipes


"Your Connection to Perfection". As their slogan suggests, Henco provides the best quality PExc multi-layered pipes and fittings to allow for a perfect connection for all heating and sanitary systems.
Henco produces 130 million meters/year and exports to 88 countries.

Since opening in 2010, Heatmaster has set itself a goal of not only providing its clientele with comprehensive solutions to all their heating needs but being the best at it as well.