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Central Domestic Hot Water

Central Domestic Hot Water
Instead of using an independent hot water source in each bathroom such as a gas or electric water heater, this solution provides a supply of hot water to all your outlets (bathrooms, kitchen, etc) from a central point where a gas boiler takes care of heating a hot water tank big enough to supply the needed capacity.

Note: For this system to work, an interconnected network of piping must be executed for all water outlets.  Make sure to inform your architect beforehand because this must be taken into account when designing the water network.

Why have several water heaters when you only need one boiler?
Heatmaster’s central domestic hot water solution provides central heating for a hot water tank big enough to supply hot water to all your home outlets.
With our system, your life is easier because:

1. You’ll get direct hot water once you open the tap.
2. You’ll save on electricity consumption.
3. You’ll save more space in your bathrooms.
4. No visible gas lines in all your hot water outlets.
5. It's safe.

There are two ways to heat your storage tank:  

1- Gas operated boiler:   The boiler generates hot water, then circulates it in a closed loop to exchange heat with the water in the hot water tank without ever mixing together.  
2- Solar Heating:  Your central storage tank will be installed over the solar panel which heats the water using no energy but the sun!  

The solar heating solution is a money saving machine because it uses no running cost.  
But if you choose to have a central hot water network you must take into account when designing your sanitary network.  


 Domestic Hot Water

In the below video you will find the process explained in details.

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