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Why Us?



Why do I need to consider heating in Egypt?
For the past 10 years, people in Egypt have been moving from inside the city to the outskirts.
Sitting on the Nile Valley, temperatures in Cairo are relatively moderate. However, they are substantially lower in new cities such as New Cairo, 6th of October, Shorouk and Obour. This is because they are built on desert plateaus, high above sea level in a cold desert climate where temperatures drop to 4 C at night in winter.


Problems with traditional heating methods

1.    The high cost of heating: 
Electricity costs are constantly on the rise with an expected 40% increase in 2017.

2.    AC heating is not good for your health
ACs are not a healthy heating solution because they blow hot dry air in a top to bottom direction thus heating the air around the upper body while leaving the air around the legs and feet cold, which can result in health problems.

3.    Safety Hazards
Electrical shorts may cause a fire when using heaters or oil filled radiators during the night. Gas water heaters can pose a threat of suffocation if bathrooms are not well ventilated. Electrical water heaters can overheat and cause the safety valve to release hot steam and possibly cause an electrical short.


Why Choose Heatmaster?

• We are your one-stop-shop for all heating and hot water solutions. 
• Smart heating solutions that are safe, healthy, economic, aesthetically pleasing and space saving. 
• We design the system and coordinate with your architect or interior designer.
• Our engineers install and test the system to ensure smooth operation.
• We provide a 2-year warranty and maintenance on the system as a whole in addition to individual manufacturer warranties (up to 15 years).



• Saves money
Although your initial investment may be slightly higher than conventional electric heating, the amount will be depreciated over a few short years after which you will enjoy lower electricity bills compared to traditional heating methods.
This is especially important in light of the rising cost of electricity.

• More safety for you and your family
Concerns about gas leakage or electricity shorts which are usually associated with traditional heating methods will cease to exist when using any of our smart heating solutions.
All these risks are avoided when using a central domestic hot water network &/or a central heating system for your home.  All the technical equipment is placed outside your home, hence removing all safety hazards and giving you peace of mind.

• Better for your health
Central heating using radiators or underfloor piping creates ambient warmth that is felt uniformly all around the space without drying up the air.  This means no sense of dryness or headaches.

• Esthetically pleasing
We provide a wide range of decorative and colorful radiators & towel warmers that not only provide warmth but also an esthetic touch to your home.

• Saves space
Using a central system by definition means that all equipment are centralized in one place, leaving each bathroom free of any additional water heaters and leaving your rooms free of any additional fan heaters or electrical oil filled radiators.



Since opening in 2010, Heatmaster has set itself a goal of not only providing its clientele with comprehensive solutions to all their heating needs but being the best at it as well.